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In 2023, the NY Morgan Sweepstakes provided $65,000 in prize money to our entries. Be the final bidder on any of our outstanding 2025 stallions and you’ll have the opportunity to cash in with your 2025 foal!

NYMHS Stallions

New York Stallion Service Auction



Bidding on Stallions is either online or by phone starting January 5, 2025. The website, www.newyorkmorganstallions.com, will display the current online bidding, but this will close at midnight on January 16th.

  • The minimum bid on any stallion service at the 2025 NY Stallion Service Auction is $700 U.S. Funds.
  • Live Auction will begin at 6:30 PM on Saturday, January 18th, 2025.
  • ALL bidders on the floor and phone bidders MUST register for a bid number. All bidders must leave a signed blank check or credit card before numbers will be issued. NO BID WILL BE RECOGNIZED WITHOUT A BID NUMBER. If you registered online to bid, you will be assigned a bidder number.
  • Phones and online bidding will be open beginning January 5, 2025.  Leave clearly stated NAME, PHONE NUMBER and best time to return the call if you are sent to voicemail.
  • For more information please contact one of the following committee members or auctions@newyorkmorganstallions.com


1. Please note that these pages and the website attempt to summarize basic terms and conditions for each stallion. However, all bidders upon registration agree that all they are acquiring from the NY Stallion Service Auction a breeding contract to the stallion of their choice. The winning bidder is subject to the specific terms as outlined in the stallion owner’s breeding contract which can be seen on our website or through contacting the Stallion Owner or Agent. TERMS IN THE BREEDING CONTRACT SUPERSEDE ANY TERMS LISTED HERE OR ON THE WEBSITE. THERE MAY BE ADDITIONAL FEES SUCH AS BOOKING FEES, COLLECTION AND SHIPPING FEES, AND MARE CARE FEES. FROZEN SEMEN MAY OFFER LIMITED BREEDING DOSES.


2. In the event of dispute concerning the terms of either the SSA or the stallion owner’s contract, all participants agree to accept the decision of the NY Stallion Service Auction committee as binding.

3. The minimum bid on all stallions is $700 US Funds. Important note: If a stallion does not receive a minimum bid that is PAID IN FULL, his offspring are not eligible for the Sweepstakes classes at the NY Morgan Regional.

4. Name Your Mare slot allows the highest bidder to produce a foal that is eligible for the NYSSA Sweepstakes classes at the NY Regional in 2025 & 2029 using ANY registered Morgan Stallion and Mare. The mare MUST be declared to the NYSSA committee by Dec.31, 2025. In the case of pregnancy wastage or failure to conceive, the lot CANNOT be used in a subsequent year.

5. Each entry will be sold to the highest bidder. The auctioneer will determine the winning bid.

6. The mare owner is responsible for any bills concerning veterinary care, farrier, etc. In the event of semen transport, mare owners may be subject to collection fees and shipping charges. Consult stallion owner or agent on the terms pertaining to the shipment of semen. In the case of frozen semen, the buyer may be responsible for storage charges or return of unused semen. Disputes relative to the actual service purchased are between the Purchaser and the Stallion Owner/Agent. See individual breeding contract.

7. Payment Terms: Cash, Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa), or good check. Phones open January 8, 2023 for bidder registration. 

8. A minimum deposit of $700 is required at time of auction. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Balance is due before mare is bred or by March 31, 2025, whichever is earlier. Checks must be made to the NY STALLION SERVICE AUCTION. Bounced checks will be charged a $50 processing fee.

NYSSA BONUS MONEY AWARD ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS The purpose of the “NYSSA Bonus Money” is to reward the owners of the donated stallions, as well as the buyers of a breeding at the annual NY Stallion Service Auction.

If you would like to donate to this award, please contact the NYSSA Committee at: NYMorganStallionServiceAuction@gmail.com. Donations will be accepted toward this bonus award until September 1, 2025.

The Bonus Money is to be divided equally between the eligible top ten-winning weanlings at the New York Morgan Regional Horse Show. For a weanling to be eligible, the breeding must have been purchased, or donated at the previous year’s NY Stallion Service Auction AND the mare, who is in foal to the stallion donated or purchased MUST be declared by December 31 of the year the stud fee was donated or purchased.

For example, a stallion donated and sold at the 2025 NYSSA, the stallion OWNER must declare a mare in foal to that stallion by 12/31/2025.  The resulting foal if shown at the NY Regional Show’s Sweepstakes places in the top 10, will receive a pro-rated portion of the bonus money at the 2026 horse show. Additionally, the resulting foal from the purchase of that same stallion’s breeding, who declared a mare by 12/31/2025 is also eligible for the bonus money in 2026. The same eligibility requirements apply to the two “Name Your Mare” lots. Website: www.newyorkmorganstallions.com

Eligible Get – 2025 NY Morgan Regional Show

Friday night’s program will have 3 Sweepstakes Classes— 2025 Weanlings from the 2024 SSA, 2021 Eligible 4yo’s for Hunter/Western and 2021 Eligible 4yo’s Park/English/Classic Pleasure.

New York Morgan Stallion Auction


Send us a message and someone from the SSA Committee will be happy to find an answer for you!