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In 2021, the NY Morgan Sweepstakes provided $65,000 in prize money to our entries. Be the final bidder on any of our outstanding 2022 stallions and you’ll have the opportunity to cash in with your 2023 foal!

NYMHS Stallions

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Every year in January, dozens of breedings to World Champion Stallions and sires of World and Grand National Champions are offered in our New York Stallion Service Auction, with all proceeds added to the prize money at the New York Morgan Regional Championship Horse Show Sweepstakes classes. The offspring from these stallions are then eligible to win thousands of dollars in premiums during their classes held at this show in September.

Our record-breaking 2020 sire was the World Champion DRESSED UP GCH, who topped our 32nd annual auction at $6,000. The grand total for the evening was over $45,000 for 32 stallion services, two “Name Your Mare” slots, and many extra items donated to make this an evening to remember. Two rounds of bidding brought the top ten stallions to their final bids. Joining Dressed Up GCH in this elite group were Cherrydale Casanova CH, Minion Millennium, Bazinga, CBMF Over The Moon, Akira Derringer GCH, EKL Shakedown, Dragonsmeade Sea Dragon, Astronomicallee and InGate’s Eye Of The Tiger.

This event provided over $65,000 in prize money that was offered to eligible horses shown in our 2021 New York Morgan Regional Championship Sweepstakes classes.

THANK YOU to our Sweepstakes Bonus Donors

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NYSSA Bonus Money

The purpose of the NYSSA Bonus Money is to reward the owners of the donated stallions, as well as the buyers of the breedings offered at the NYSSA. If you would like to make a donation, use the button below.

They money is to be divided equally between the eligible top ten winning weanlings (weanling owner/breeder and the stallion owner) at the New York Morgan Regional Horse Show.

In order for a weanling to be eligible, the breeding must have been purchased or donated the previous year at the NYSSA. In addition, the mare who is in foal to the donated stallion service, or purchased, must be declared by December 31st of the year the stud fee was donated or purchased.

For example, if a stallion was donated and sold at the 2020 NYSSA, the stallion owner may declare a mare who is in foal to that stallion by December 31, 2020. The resulting foal is eligible for the bonus money at the 2021 horse show. Additionally, the foal that results from the auction purchased breeding (mare must be declared by December 31, 2020) is also eligible for the 2021 bonus money. Only those two weanlings by that stallion would be eligible for the bonus money in 2021. The same eligibility requirements apply to the two “Name Your Mare” slots.

2021 NYSSA Sweepstakes Weanling Champion
New York Morgan Stallion Auction


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2017 Auction Sires (2018 foals showing in 2022)

Astronomicallee | Balenciaga | Bazinga | Caffeinated | CBMF Burn Notice GCH | CBMF Hitting the Streets GCH | CBMF Over The Moon | Cingate Revelation | Dragonsmeade Sea Dragon | ECP Anchor Man | Equinox Heir of Courage | Futurity French Command | Get Busy | Hagerbrook Leonardo | HVK Navigator | Indian Creek Tomahawk | Ingate's Eye Of The Tiger | LPS Piece Of The Action | LPS True Believer | Man In Black GCH | Man In Motion | Minion Millennium | Pondview Tres Bien | Queen's Glory Days | Roberto Cavalli | Stand and Deliver GCH | Town Assets | 2 "Name Your Mare" Slots

2021 Auction Sires (2022 foals showing in 2022 & 2026)

Ancan Kaboom | Aquarian New Moon | Astronomicallee | Bazinga | Brigantine | Caffeinated | CBMF Crown Prince | CBMF Over The Moon | CBMF Urban Legend | Cherrydale Casanova | Cool Whip | DBA Street Talk | Dragonsmeade Sea Dragon | ECP Anchor Man | Equinox Heir Of Courage | Futurity French Command | HVK Man About Town | InGate’s Eye Of The Tiger | King-E Otto B |LPS True Believer | Man In Black GCH | Merriehill After Hours GCH | Privilege | Regal Charade | Rowenda Boogie On Down | TFM Skywalker | The Optimist | The Thrill Of It All LBR | Titanium | Town Assets | Ultras Special Agent | UVM Unchallenged | UVM Willoughby | Mare #1: SpringMill Satisfaction/Al Garner | Mare #2: Ledyard's Love Talk/Danielle Neidlinger

2022 Auction Sires (2023 foals showing in 2023 & 2027)

Aquarian New Moon | Astronomicallee | Balenciaga | Bazinga | BKC Valiant Star | Brigantine | Caffeinated | CBMF Crown Prince GCH | CBMF Over The Moon | Cherrydale Casanova | Cool Whip | DBA Street Talk | EKL Shakedown | Equinox Heir Of Courage | Equinox Rock Star | FCM The Professional | Get Your Groove On | HVK Man About Town | ICF Reasonably Certain | Indian Creek Icebreaker  |LPS Fire Power | LPS True Believer | MEM Intoxicated | Minion Millennium | MLF Dynamic GCH | Newmont's Get Real | Newmont's Legend | Queen's Smart Money | Roberto Cavalli | Rowenda Boogie On Down | RWF Dralion | Summitry | Town Assets | VSB Dark Storm Cloud | Whispering War Chant | Mare #1:  | Mare #2: 


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